FAQ:How much Track can my Booster or Command Station Power?

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Many people just getting into Digital Command Control often wonder how much track their command station and/or booster can power. However, as long as you have an adequate bus and feeders, the length of track isn't an issue. What needs to be considered are just two factors:

  1. The number of locomotives (loads) you will be running simultaneously; and
  2. The number of accessory loads on your booster.

It then comes down to how many trains your system can power, not how much track. Simply add up all the power needs of the trains you want to run and make sure you have enough boosters distributed throughout your layout.

Keep in mind sound decoders demand more power to operate when you are making calculations. The fact that many decoders have a one-amp output does not mean that they will be at one amp all the time either.