Lenz: Command Stations

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Summary: Lenz offers a number of Command Stations and Boosters


The LZV100 is the basis of the Lenz DIGITAL plus Set-90 and Set-100. Interface between the Command Station and input devices via a 4-wire cable, XpressNET.


The LZV200 Command Station has a number of new features:

  • Store locomotive names
  • Function names
  • RailCom
  • Operations Mode programming
  • Accessory Decoder support for addresses 1-2048, turnouts 1-256
  • XpressNet: Expanded to 128 devices

There are a number of upgrades and enhancements over the LZV100 which include:

  • CV readout in POM
  • XpressNet bus and feedback speed enhancements
    • Accessory Addresses increased from 245 to 2048
  • Backup Battery is easily changed, no soldering iron required
  • Software upgrade by USB rather than replacement of an IC or reflashing the ROM
  • Additional connections for a Lenz power supply
  • Added a USB port