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Command Station:

Lenz: LZV200

Summary: As a part of Lenz's Digital Plus DCC System, the LZV200 is a command station with integrated booster suitable for multiple scales.

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LENZ LZV200.jpg
General information
Manufacturer Lenz

MSRP 344.50 EUR338.41 USD <br />301.42 GBP <br />511.44 AUD <br />456.55 CAD <br />
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Part Number
Product information

Product URL External Product Link
Product Manual URL External Product Link
Product Manual File File Link
Has computer
USB, USB 1.x
Firmware Upgrade

Integrated Throttle None
Throttle Network XpressNet
Programming Track
DCC Features

Extended Addressing Yes
CV Readback Yes
Consisting Methods
Advanced, Basic
Speed Steps 28/128
Functions 29
Feedback Yes
Zero Stretching Yes
Speed Steps 28/128
Max Current 5
Continuous Current 5
Optoisolated No
Input Power Waveform AC/DC


This device is also included with the Set 101 Starter Set.


As a part of Lenz's Digital Plus DCC System, the LZV200 is a command station with integrated booster suitable for multiple scales. Track voltage is adjustable using a throttle.

It is a fully featured command station with a 5A output.

The LZV200 includes a RailCom cut-out device.


The LZV200 Command Station has a number of new features:

  • Store locomotive names
  • Function names
  • RailCom
  • Operations Mode programming
  • Accessory Decoder support for addresses 1-2048, turnouts 1-256
  • XpressNet: Expanded to 128 devices

There are a number of upgrades and enhancements over the LZV100 which include:

  • CV readout in POM
  • XpressNet bus and feedback speed enhancements
    • Accessory Addresses increased from 245 to 2048
  • Backup Battery is easily changed, no soldering iron required
  • Software upgrade by USB rather than replacement of an IC or reflashing the EPROM
  • Additional connections for a Lenz power supply
  • Added a USB port

Version 4 Firmware

The version 4 firmware for the LZV200 features

  • Up to 69 functions supported
    • Requires LH101 with firmware 2.1 for the additional functions
  • Built-in decoder programmer, allowing decoder firmware updating on the programming track
  • Upgrade is supplied on a USB flash drive

Legacy Support

Compatible with legacy LH90 and LH100 Version 3.6 throttles. Some features of the LZV200 cannot be accessed with the legacy throttles. Those features include

  • Clock and
  • Access to higher functions

Legacy throttles earlier than Version 3.6 are NOT compatible.


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