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Summary: Lenz DCC System Error Codes

List of Error Codes

Error Explanation
Error 01 While programming or reading out a decoder, a power overload (short circuit) was detected. The decoder may not be correctly connected or may be defective.
Error 02 While programming or reading out a decoder, no information was detected. The decoder may not be correctly connected to the programming output of the LZ100/LZV100 command station (e. g. the digital locomotive may not be placed properly on the programming track, dirty track).
Error 24 Consisting: Locomotive not called up or locomotive address 0.
Error 25 Consisting: Locomotive called up by another device.
Error 26 Consisting: Locomotive already part of another Double Traction/Multiple Traction set.
Error 27 Consisting: Locomotive speed not 0.
Error 30 Locomotive cannot be deleted from command station memory.
Error 31 Command station memory full:Delete one (or more) addresses from the command station memory.[1]
Error 97 Data processing error in the LZ100/LZV100 command station. All information about speed, direction and special functions of the locomotives as well as the status of points and occupancy detectors has been deleted. If this error appears repeatedly, the battery in the LZ100/LZV100 command station may be dead. Please contact your dealer or Lenz.
Error 98 The command sent from the manual control to the command station is not available in its list of commands. The cause is usually a software version of the command station that does not support this command.
Error 99 General system error. The manual control did not receive the expected response to a query or command sent to the command station. The cause may be interference on the XpressNet. Please check all wires are connected correctly. If this does not solve the problem, it is possible that the command station or the manual control are defective. Please contact your dealer or Lenz.