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Summary Manufacturer of DCC systems and decoders.
Phone +44 1963 441219
Main URL
Address PO Box 4454

Yeovil Somerset, BA20 9EZ England

Device Types Mobile Decoder, Stationary Decoder, Command Station, Booster, Power Supply, Throttle

ZTC was founded by a former employee of Hornby. He was one of the developers of the Zero 1 system from Hornby.

ZTC uses XPressNet as a communications bus.

ZTC Controls make a range DCC decoders which also support the Hornby Zero 1 system, and their controllers include a mode to control Zero 1 equipped locomotives. One model is also able to switch to DC PWM mode.

ZTC Controls was one of the first companies to introduce DCC to the British market, following on from the introduction of Zero One.

During 2008/9 the production of new ZTC equipment ceased and many fans of ZTC, including the current owner , wondered what would happen to this highly regarded British DCC manufactured system.

When the opportunity arose, he purchased the company and put the product range back into full manufacture, the launch being the 2009 Warley Show at the NEC.

The 511 desk is still regarded as the most realistic model controller on the market and, due to its advanced design, still features the Real Feel control system which “puts you in the cab” be it steam era or modern image.

As a keen modeller himself, he has always appreciated knowledgeable and friendly service and support from traders and suppliers. He aims to be able to supply products from stock both at shows and via mail order and the website.

ZTC also runs regular workshops and Modellers' Days