FAQ:My Locomotive Hesitates when Crossing into another Power District

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General information
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This applies to both Power and Booster Districts.

If a locomotive hesitates or stalls when crossing the gap between two power districts, there can be two causes:

  1. Lack of a common return wire
  2. Auto reversing mode is active

There must be a common return wire between the boosters and any power management devices. This establishes a common reference point and allows current to return to its source. This wire should be a heavy gauge wire to handle any currents. The throttle network (and its light gauge wiring) should not be allowing current to flow between devices.

A broken connection on this return line can cause issues with hesitation at the gaps. Gaps should be filled to prevent the wheel from falling into them.

Two boosters with active auto reversing will get into an endless loop as each tries to match the other's phasing. If auto reversing is not necessary it should be turned off. This also applies to power management devices with this feature.