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OpenMRN (Open Model Railroad Network) is a set of software libraries that are designed to make it easier to implement support for the NMRA's LCC (Layout Command Control) bus.

What Does OpenMRN Do?

OpenMRN has the ability to connect to a Layout Command Control bus, pass messages to and from the network, as well as formatting messages.

What is the Advantage of OpenMRN

OpenMRN is Open-Source Software, meaning anyone and any manufacturer can use it for their hardware. Being open source, it is available free of charge.

OpenMRN is a set of C++ code designed to make it easier to implement LCC support. This might be in accessory decoders, in a command station, in a throttle, or any other device. The code is designed to be able to run on microcontrollers.


  • Cross Platform, Easily Ported
  • OS Abstraction layer allows shared code
  • Runs on Desktops, microcomputers and microcontrollers.
  • C++ implementation of various Model Railroad protocols. The first on is OpenLCB/[Layout Command Control]


MacOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, in 32- and 64-bit versions

  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. BeagleBone Black
  1. ARM
  2. MIPS

Is OpenMRN Compatible with Digital Command Control?

  1. Command station (packet stream generation)
  2. DCC and Marklin-Motorola protocol
  3. RailCom cutout and feedback reception
    1. CV reads & writes using RailCom

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