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General information
DCC Categories Wiring, Transponding, Power, Occupancy Detection
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The PM74 has several options available via their Option Switches.

  • OpSw 1 – 4 change their respective districts to auto reverse mode
  • OpSw 7 lowers trip current
  • OpSw 8 increases trip current, overriding OpSw 7
  • OpSw 11 disables Block Occupancy detection and messages
  • OpSw 12 disables Transponding
  • OpSw 13 mutes Power messages to LocoNet.
  • OpSw 40 - Factory Reset
  • OpSw 41 controls the behaviour of LED indicators

Over Current Trip Settings

  1. OpSw 7: When Closed, trip point is at 3A, OpSw 8 is ignored
  2. OpSw 8: When Closed, trip point is at 6A, OpSw 7 is ignored
  3. When both OpSw 7 and 8 are Thrown, trip point is at 4A
    1. This is the factory default

See the manuals, KB1070 and KB4071 for details.