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NCE has been manufacturing Digital Command Control Products on an OEM basis since 1993. Originally, they offered design services, hardware and software which enabled other DCC manufacturers to build DCC systems. Today, NCE is a full-time electronic design and manufacturing firm devoted entirely to the development and sale of products for the control of model railroads.

NCE developed hardware and software for the Wangrow System One, an early DCC system. NCE began selling their own system when Wangrow passed on their proposed upgrade to the System One. In fact, the NCE branded system shipped with the System One manual as it was the only manual available at first.

Originally called North Coast Engineering, which changed to NCE when it became an independent DCC manufacturer.

For more details about NCE, please see their company summary article.


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Did you know...

You can use Team Digital products with NCE. All signaling and operating power comes from a two wire attachment to the DCC track bus so it will work with any DCC system.


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NCE news

  • Smart BoosterTM is now shipping. Take the Power Cab system to 3 Amps capability with the new Smart Booster.




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