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The Wiring Portal

Without wiring, our model trains, lights, switches, and other effects around the track will not do anything.

Most model railroads begin with the around-the-Christmas-Tree loop of track. The usual setup includes an analog (DC) power pack, track, an engine, and a short string of cars. As the layout continues to grow, the complexities of wiring increased.

Thanks to DCC, our wiring can be simplified.

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Main article: DCC advantage over DC

DCC's advantage over analog operations comes through your ability to control individual locomotives without any complicated switches and wiring. This advantage can come as early as your decision to purchase your second engine. Contrary to some thought, serious consideration of DCC operation needs to start at the beginning stages of Model Railroading.

In the analog environment, no matter how much you grow your power availability, all you ever control is the track. It either has power on it, or not. With DCC, you control the engines - ie you drive the train!! You control the speed, the direction, whether or not the lights are on, and, potentially additional lighting effects, or sound effects. You can put additional trains on the tracks without having to worry about extra wiring, switches, or power supplies. You do this with multiple engines on any track you want, even on the same track as other locomotives. Read more


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