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Manufacturer: Roco

Summary: Roco is an Austrian manufacturer of European outline model railways in HO, TT, N, and HO. Their range includes various DCC systems, which are sold both as individual items and as part of train sets that are competitively priced. Many locomotives in their range are available fitted with ESU LokSound decoders.

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General information
Phone +43-05-7626-0
Fax +43-05-7626-1599
Email roco@roco.ccURIs of the form "" are not allowed.
Main URL Main URL
URL to manuals Product Manuals
Address Modelleisenbahn GmbH

Plainbachstrasse 4 A-5101 Bergheim Austria

Date Opened
Date Closed
Device Types Other


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Products Offered

Roco offers mobile and stationary decoders, power supplies, throttles, computer software, DCC equipped locomotives and other accessories.


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