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Summary: Signal and Indicator Controller for various signals and indicators

The SIC24 and the improved SIC24AD are designed and manufactured by Team Digital.



The SIC24 is suited to control various types of signals and indicators on a layout or a CTC panel. It can be used as a signal controller, to indicate block occupancy and turnout position or as a grade crossing gate controller with flashing signals. Combinations of some of these features are also possible. The SIC24 is compatible with many DCC systems.


  • Built-in logic for automatically controlling signals using block detection
  • Configurable to model many signaling systems
  • Computer not required, but can be used with one
  • 24 inputs
  • 8 outputs
  • Serial communications between boards
  • LocoNet compatible

The SIC24 sends and receives switch commands, switch position feedback and sensor/block detection messages. It uses these same messages to communicate between multiple SIC24s and to determine signal states. All communication is over a serial bus, reducing the needed number of wires to implement a signal system. The serial bus is based on Digitrax’s LocoNet® and some features are unique to a Digitrax system. However, a Digitrax DCC system is not required for operation or programming. The SIC24 is compatible with LocoNet® block detectors such as the Digitrax BDL16 or detectors connected to its inputs such as the Team Digital DBD22 .


The SIC24AD is an updated version of the SIC24. It features the following improvements:

  • Smart Programming improved with additional options for easier setup.
  • CVs 1 to 9 have changed to be similar to SRC16.
  • Decoder Configuration CV9 has some different options. No option to support Digitrax SE8C.
  • Digitrax specific - improved LocoNet® interface resulting in fewer grounding issues with LocoNet®.
  • DCC to serial bus gateway option.

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