FAQ:Set Output Current, Lenz Power Station

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This is based on the instructions for an LZV200.

Setting the Maximum Current

Factory Default is 5A.


This process will use Operations Mode Programming, with a handheld throttle.

  1. Change to program mode
  2. Select any valid locomotive address in Operations Mode
  3. Select CV7
  4. Enter a value of 50. This puts the LZV into program mode
    1. The LED on the LZV200 and any LV102/LV103 will have a double flash
  5. This mode will time out in fifteen seconds
  6. Enter a value from the table below to set the voltage
    1. The CV value is twice the desired current.
Setting Current Output, Lenz LZV200
Current Output, Amps CV 7
2.5 5
3 6
3.5 7
4 8
4.5 9
5 10