Specific Decoder Installs/Installations

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Summary: Videos demonstrating installations in various vehicles.

Soundtraxx Tsunami 2 decoder install a brass 2-10-0

Complete install of a Soundtraxx decoder in a Sunset Models 2-10-0.

Bachmann 70 Ton Switcher

How to Install SoundTraxx Tsunami 2 DCC Decoder w Sound and Keep Alive - Bachmann 70 Ton Switcher

Note the removal of the RFI suppression capacitor.

Convert an Old Analog loco to DCC

Installing a SoundTraxx Econami PNP decoder in a Stewart F3A

Convert a Forty Year Old DC Only AHM/Mehano Locomotive to DCC

Kato Dash 9 DCC install

KATO Dash 9 with TDC WOW Decoder

Tsunami Sound Car with Scale Sound System speaker

Upgrading a Athearn boxcar with a Soundtraxx Tsunami Sound car decoder and Scale Sound system speakers.