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Manufacturer: SoundTraxx

Summary: Manufacturer of the Tsunami line of sound decoders. Has added motor only decoders. Also supplies Programming Track Boosters for programming sound decoders.

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General information
CV8 ID# 141
Main URL Main URL
URL to manuals
Address Durango, CO, USA.
Date Opened
Date Closed
Device Types Other, Mobile Decoder, Stationary Decoder


SoundTraxx is an American company which designs and manufactures Digital Command Control decoders and accessories.

They were formerly known as Throttle Up!


Throttle Up! Corp., was founded in 1989. Their first product was called the Hyperlight. The Hyperlight was the first lighting system using a microcontroller, allowing user selected effects.

In 1991 they offered a Diesel sound system that was operated wirelessly, a steam module followed.

In 1994 they began selling the DSD series sound decoder, the first DCC decoder with sound built in. It also offered offered a multi-voice feature, where one sound wouldn't interrupt another,

As the SoundTraxx brandname became better known than the company name, they decided to use the Soundtraxx brand exclusively in 1998. (JMRI's DecoderPro referred to Soundtraxx products by the name Throttle Up! until recently.)

SoundTraxx manufactures the Tsunami Digital Sound Decoder. Versions of these decoders are also popular as OEM decoders. A new product is the Tsunami motor only decoders. They also make the Soundcar sound only decoder which can be installed in a boxcar, from N to G scale.

SoundTraxx Website


Manufacturer ID: 141

For a full list, see their website.


The Tsunami was a leap in sound decoder technology when released. It was available in several types as well as Steam and Diesel sound sets.

They also included functioning brake effects, light effects, a load sensing exhaust note and a seven band equalizer.

  • TSU-750 Micro-Tsunami
  • Tsunami TSU-1000
  • Tsunami TSU-AT1000 (for large scales)
  • Tsunami TSU-GN1000 (for large scales)
  • Tsunami TSU-BW1000 (for large scales)
  • Tsunami TSU-KT1000 (for Kato models)SoundCar (for rolling stock)
  • SoundCar (for rolling stock)


  • 32-bit processor
  • 28 functions,
  • Advanced motor control.
  • Hyperlight™ lighting effects,
  • Hyperdrive2™
  • TSU-1100, small package
  • TSU-2200, universal decoder
  • TSU-21PNEM 21 pin NEM Connector
  • TSU-PNP replacement for OEM lighting boards
  • TSU-4000 4 Amp universal decoder, for large scales


  • Sixteen Bit sound
  • Hyperlight™ lighting effects,
  • Hyperdrive2™
  • 28 Functions

Available as the ECO-PNP to replace the OEM light boards, and the ECO-21PNEM with NEM 21 pin connection. This is the lower cost version of the Tsunami2, for steam or diesel applications.

Decoder Identification

The manufacturer ID found in CV8 is 141 for Throttle Up! (Soundtraxx)

To determine the type of decoder, read CV7

Econamis and Tsunami 2 decoders have additional information found in CVs 253-256. This information tells you the customer code, Sound set, product revisions and product ID.

For more information, see the SoundTraxx Product Identification guide.

Additional Steps

Read all the supporting documentation for the decoder, as things do change as newer versions appear.


Newer Tsunami decoders may require some additional steps.

  1. CV8 = Manufacturer ID which is 141
  2. CV7 = Manufacturer Version ID, a value of 64 indicates a Tsunami TSU-1000 or TSU-750, steam. A Diesel decoder returns 65.

Reading CV105 and CV106 may give further information, but a decoder reset is required to get more information.

  • CV105 = Minor software revision
  • CV106 = Software version


CV will return 70 for an Econami Steam, Diesel or Electric decoder.

  • CV105 = Software version
  • CV106 = Software revision
    • These values only appear after a reset.

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