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If after installing a multifunction decoder the vehicle will only operate in one direction at full speed, and will not operate in the reverse direction, the probable cause is the motor driver is damaged.

The motor driver uses Field Effect Transistor (FET) technology, their failure mode is a short circuit. This would apply full power to the motor in one direction, as the FET has no ability to control the current flow. In the reverse direction it would short the output, resulting in no power to the motor.

A typical cause of this failure is incorrect wiring, where the motor has not been correctly isolated from the frame. This can be through incorrect wire connections, or in the case of a "drop in decoder", an incorrect connection has been established.

While it is possible, multifunction decoders where the motor driver is defective are a possibility.

It is important to note that electronics are susceptible to ESD, so proper static protection measures should be taken when handling multifunction decoders outside of their package. This also applies to other electronic devices.