FAQ:Why Does my Lenz Command Station have a flashing LED

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General information
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Press the ST button (LH100) or target button (LH90).

This indicates a short. If the flashing does not stop, disconnect the DCC system from the layout and power it up. If pressing the appropriate key on the throttle does not clear the error (should it be flashing), there is an issue with the DCC system, not the layout.

If the flashing stops, there is a problem with the layout wiring. There may be a tool on the tracks, or a crossed wire in the Xpressnet wiring.

If pressing the key does not clear the error, disconnect the LVZ100 from the layout and take it to the workbench.

  1. Connect a power supply to the U and V terminals
  2. Connect J and K terminals length of flex track
  3. Connect an LH100 or LH90 throttle
  4. Turn on the power supply to the unit
    1. If the LED is flashing, press the ST (LH100) or Target (LH90) key once
    2. If the LED stops flashing, the problem is not with your DCC system
      1. There is a possible short on the layout
        1. Check the last section of track work or wiring completed
      2. Possible crossed wire in the XpressNet bus