FAQ:Why Trains do not Move when using Digitrax?

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General information
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You select a locomotive. It is on the track, with lights on and it is making sounds (if equipped with a sound decoder). It just will not respond to throttle inputs or function commands...

The throttle controls three modes for Track Power: On, Idle and Off. Refer to the manual, as there is a small dot on the throttle display which indicates the track power mode. A flashing dot indicates Idle, a solid dot means track power is on and you can control trains. If the dot is not present, track power is Off.

When in Idle, packets known as Idle Packets are transmitted. They provide power to the multifunction decoders on the track, but do not contain commands. Locomotives will have their lights on, and if equipped with sound, e making noises.

Digitrax command stations also have three modes: Sleep, Op, and Run. The DCS100 shown has a toggle switch labelled Mode, with three positions: Run, Op, and Sleep. To operate trains the mode must be in RUN.

Using the throttles PWR button, set the track to Run mode. It will now begin transmitting packets with instructions.