Wiring Tips and Tricks

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A general collection of Wiring Tips and Hints.

Wiring can be tedious. Here are some hints and tips for making your job a little less tedious.

Wiring Tips

Twisting Your Wires

If you wish to twist your power bus wires, this will make it easier

  1. Cut two lengths of wire, longer than you think you need
  2. Use some electrical tape to hold the pair of wires together at the end
  3. Fix them in a vise or similar holding device
    1. Make sure you have enough room
  4. Pull the pair of wires taut
  5. Clamp the ends in the chuck of a Variable Speed Reversible (VSR) electric drill
  6. Pull the trigger to slowly twist the wires together while keeping them taut. The cable you are making is going to get shorter during this process
  7. When the desired number of twists is reached, make a few more before stopping the drill
    1. A heat gun can help set the wires in their new position. Keep the wires taut during this process

Voila! Your twisted pair cable is done.

Trimming Cable Ties

Cable ties
Klein lineman's pliers-2.jpg

Cable ties (Ty-Raps) are a simple method of keeping everything organized. Wrap the cable tie around a bundle of wires, thread the end though the head and pull tight.

But what about the excess material left? You could cut the tail off with a pair of diagonals, but that often leaves a sharp protrusion looking to draw blood.

Here is a little secret: Don't cut the tail off with diagonals or wire cutters.

Take your linesman's pliers, or a similar pair of pliers with a blunt nose. Use them to pull the cable tie tight, then slide the jaws up the tail with the nose against the head of the cable tie. Clamp on tightly and twist your pliers until the excess breaks off, in much the same manner you would twist two wires together. Often the result is a clean break with no sharp edges.

Additional information on connecting wires is on the Electrical Devices page.