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Manufacturer: ACCU-LITES

Summary: Manufacturer of DCC cables and Digitrax breakout boards for the PM42, BDL168 and SE8C.

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General information
Phone +1-847-224-7914
Email [email protected]
Main URL Main URL
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Address 12172 RT47, suite 130, Huntley, IL 60142
Date Opened
Date Closed
Device Types Other, Stationary Decoder


Digitrax Breakout Boards

A breakout board breaks out the connections, such as those on a PCB's card edge connector, to make connections to the card easier. They can take the form of a small PCB with solder pads or screw terminals which has a socket for interfacing with the PCB.

Digitrax offers a number of LocoNet devices which come on a PCB with an edge connector and mating socket. Acculite offers breakout boards for the following:

  • BD168
  • BDL168
  • PM42
    • PM42 jumpers
  • SE8C


Cables for LocoNet and NCE Cab Bus, and throttle network accessories.

Other Products

  • ACCU-LITES Tortoise Decoder
    • Snaps, wiring connectors for the Tortoise slow motion motor
  • LEDs
  • LED Lighting Kits
  • Speakers and Speaker Enclosures

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