FAQ:Are the Voltages on the Rails Dangerous to Children?

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General information
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The maximum voltage regarded as safe for human contact is nominally anything less than 32 volts. The maximum "safe" voltage was 48V, but that has been reduced over the last few years. For this question, AC and DC are considered to be the same risk. Anything over 48 volts is considered "high voltage" and as such, is not allowed in this application.

However, there is more danger from heat generated by shorting the tracks with metal objects, such as bracelets or necklaces. Fortunately, your booster should detect the short and cut the current. Before that happens, the metal may get warm or even hot. The child may be scared and even slightly burned, but not seriously harmed. If operating properly, the booster should disconnect the track power the instant a short occurs.

This is yet another reason to test your wiring to make sure your booster's short circuit protection works on all sections of track. The simplest method is a called the quarter test, where a coin is used to short the rails together. If the reaction is not instantaneous, the wiring to that section of track needs work.