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The PM42 or AR1 require a short circuit. This requires a good current flow across the gaps between the reversing section and normal sides for them to act.

It is poor practice to have gaps immediately behind a turnout, relying on the switch rails to supply current to the frog and point rails leading toward the reversing section. If possible a short isolated section connected to the main track bus should be inserted between the turnout and the loop

On long reversing sections too few track feeders from the auto-reversing unit can lead to same problem. Additional feeders should be used to reduce resistance of the rails and their joints which can lead to erratic operation.

For proper operation the wheel tread of the vehicle must make contact across the gap simultaneously to create the necessary short circuit required to trigger the phase reversal. Avoid insulated rail joiners which are proud of the rail head, or those which are level with the rail head. These will prevent the wheel's tread from contacting both sides of the gap and completing the circuit.