FAQ:Digitrax Zephyr and the PM42 Quad Power Manager's Settings

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General information
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To use a PM42 with a Zephyr, the trip current of the PM42 should be lowered from the default of 3 amps to 1.5A.

This is accomplished by setting the PM42's Option Switch (OPSW) 09 to “c” (closed).

The PM42 can be set for trip currents from 1.5 to 12A with option switches 01, 02 and 09.

The short circuit sensitivity setting for each section should be set to the fastest response time using the option switches. Each section has its own option switch combinations allowing the sensitivity to be set from Slow to Fastest. Standard is the default, with both switches set to thrown.

See the PM42 instruction manual for more information on customizing the Options on the PM42.