ESU 54615 SW1200RS

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Rapido GMD SW1200RS Decoder Matching

Rapido goes through each and every sound project and sets it up to best work with what they want for lighting and motor control in that project.

For this reason there are a quite a few changes from the default settings which is why they recommend getting their decoders preprogrammed. Some functions are only available on ESU decoders, this is the reason for the ESU recommendation. If MU’ing (consisting) with a factory sound equipped loco those features would not be available in a non ESU decoder. When consisting it is always easier to use the same brand in each loco in the consist.

Setting Up an ESU 54615 LokPilot V4.0 DCC decoder

This is a list of CVs which would need changes in the 54615 to match the sound equipped LokSound Selects in the SW1200RS. This list is long and will be tedious to manually enter, though it is possible…. As you can see from below, this is why a pre-programmed decoder is recommended on the Rapido products.

If you attempt this, do it in the sequence below as the order of the index CVs (31 and 32) is important.

If needing a reset: Setting CV8 to a value 8 ON THE PROGRAMMING TRACK, not on the Main, will allow you to start over if a mistake occurs.

CV Settings for ESU 54615 Multifunction Decoder

ESU 54615 LokPilot V4.0 DCC decoder
Rapido GMD SW1200RS
CV3 44
CV4 44
CV5 224
CV6 53
CV13 160
CV14 33
CV27 24
CV52 20
CV54 15
CV55 25
CV66 190
CV95 190
CV122 0
CV124 16
CV125 65
CV130 30
Indexed CVs:
ESU 54615 LokPilot V4.0 DCC decoder
Rapido SW1200RS
Indexed CVs
CV31 16 CV32 0
CV259 2
CV263 144
CV267 2
CV271 144
CV279 128
CV287 128
CV295 128
CV303 128
CV310 12
CV311 128
CV318 12
CV319 128
CV355 2
CV359 144
CV363 2
CV367 144
CV31 16 CV32 2
CV324 32
CV340 32
CV362 0
CV378 0
CV394 0
CV410 0
CV428 0
CV444 0
CV460 16
CV476 16
CV31 16 CV32 3
CV259 9

CV260 32
CV266 64
CV275 9
CV276 32
CV282 128
CV300 64
CV316 64
CV334 1
CV350 1
CV362 8
CV378 4
CV385 0
CV388 2
CV394 16
CV401 0
CV404 0
CV426 32
CV442 32
CV449 0
CV459 48
CV460 64
CV465 0
CV468 0


Thanks to ESU LLC for all the details.

As the list demonstrates, purchasing a Rapido locomotive with the ESU decoder installed is much easier, or purchase the ESU decoder from Rapido directly if you are retrofitting a locomotive.

LokPilot/LokSound v4 Obsolescence

The v4 decoders became obsolete in 2019 when parts required to manufacture them were discontinued. The LokSound V5 DCC replaced them.

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