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Manufacturer: CVP Products

Summary: CVP has 3 major product families: AIRWIRE900, EASYDCC and ZoneMaster. They still provide support for the CTC-16 command control system published in 1979.

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General information
Phone +1-972-238-9966
Fax +1-972-516-9527
Email [email protected]
Main URL Main URL
URL to manuals
Address CVP Products

P.O. Box 835772 Richardson, TX 75083-5772

Date Opened 1974
Date Closed
Device Types Other, Booster, Command Station, Mobile Decoder, Power Supply, Stationary Decoder


Original designer of the CTC-16, a do-it-yourself command control system based on the Digitrack 1600. The plans were published in Model Railroader in 1979.


CVP Products has been manufacturing train control products since 1974. Products included the build-it-yourself CTC-16, CTC16e and later RailCommand command control systems. Today, CVP Products offers the EasyDCC system and accessory decoders and has one of the most robust radio throttles on the market.

Command Stations

CS2 / CS2-B

This system may be obsolete.

The main command station is the CS2-B. The latest firmware is 629 released in 2007. It uses a CR2016 coin cell for backup and can handle 255 locomotives in memory. It provides a programming track output, RS232 port (with special cable, not included), Booster output and throttle input ports. Cabling between these items is from 6P6C modular cable and one can easily make their own with off the shelf crimping tools.

The CS-2B with 629 firmware allows for NMRA F0-F12, improved throttle response times, optional software deactivation of many RS232 functions which further improves throttle response times and was given an NMRA compliance warrant for meeting the NMRA DCC standards.

The EasyDCC system is fully compatible with DecoderPro software through the use of the included RS232 port. However, a special cable from 6P6C to 9-pin RS232 is required and can be easily made with the proper tools.


CVP supports the following addresses:

  1. 0001 – 9999
  2. Addresses greater than 10000 are not supposed
  3. Addresses 1 – 99 are managed as Primary Addresses, but deemed to be reserved for consist addresses.
  4. Address 0 is not valid.


When programming decoders using the EasyDCC system, Direct Mode is not supported.


Booster Three

For boosters, CVP Products offers:

  • ZoneMaster single - SZB7
  • ZoneMaster single with Autoreverse --SZB7-AR
  • ZoneMaster Dual --DZB7

While not technically a booster, they do also include a supplemental device called ZoneShare. The ZoneShare takes one booster track output and separates it into 4 managed "boosters" so that if you have a short, it doesn't shut down the entire railroad, just the zone affected.

  • ZoneShare ZS4E -- Provides four separate track outputs for districts (zones) from a single booster. This device can be used with any make of booster such as NCE, Lenz, Digitrax and of course, EasyDCC.


There is a basic throttle and an advanced throttle for the EasyDCC system. Under V6.29, you can have up to 32 throttles in any configuration with the EasyDCC system (limit of 16 wireless.) This does not include the 2 included throttles on the command station CS2-B. Prior software allows up to 99 throttles with a slightly slower throttle response time. The 6.29 software requires upgrade software in all throttles with the change of a CPU chip inside.

Since the command station comes with two built-in throttles, you do not need to add external throttles unless your need requires it. Should you choose to add additional throttles, you would purchase a Throttle Bus Extendeder card (EXDA) which creates a coaxial based throttle bus and creates the data stream to return to the command station throttle bus port. The recommended coax cable is RG59.

  • EXDA - Throttle Bus Extender card (creates a coax throttle bus)
  • T1300E
    • Available for EasyDCC V6 software or V4 and Lenz DCC systems
  • XR1300-4 - Corded throttle with 4-digit addressing
  • RF1300-4 - Wireless throttle with 4-digit addressing (Obsolete)
  • T5000E Wireless throttle
    • T5000Ex-S6 v6xx: Works with the latest command station software
    • T5000Ex-S4 v4xx: Older (Legacy) command stations and Lenz systems.
  • T9000E - Wireless with LCD display and 4-digit addressing (Obsolete)
  • RX904G1 - Wireless receiver for Throttle Group 1 (freq 1-8)
  • RX904G2 - Wireless receiver for Throttle Group 2 (freq 9-16)

EasyDCC's wireless system is one of the leaders in the industry. They created one of the first RF control systems for their CTC-16 system back in the early 1980s which was published in MR.

CVP publishes a list showing what is compatible with their products.

Wireless Throttle Frequencies

The following frequencies are used by EasyDCC wireless throttles. They are referred to as Throttle Channels:

  • 903.37
  • 906.37
  • 607.87
  • 909.37
  • 912.37
  • 915.37
  • 919.87
  • 921.37

This frequency range was also used by older 900 MHz cordless telephone systems.

Accessory Decoders

AD4 Accessory Decoder

The AD4 Accessory Decoder permits remote control of turnout motors and lights. It is mounted on a card which mates with an edge connector (44 or 22 pins)

  • 1A (peak), 600mA continuous
  • Local push button control
  • 4 or 8 independent outputs
    • Can be used as four pairs or eight individual outputs
  • Programmable outputs:
    • Flash
    • Pulse
    • Continuous
  • Power:
    • Track
    • Dedicated booster
  • Programming Modes:
    • Operations Mode
    • Service Mode


To perform a full reset on the command station: Switch power off, hold down the Enter key, turn power on and hold the key down until reset is complete, then release the Enter key.

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