FAQ:How to reset Digitrax DCS 100 or 200 chief?

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General information
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There are two ways to reset this device.

  1. OpSw 36 clears the locomotive slots, but leaves other settings alone.
    • Used when your command station is not clearing slots, or when all slots are full.
  2. OpSw 39 resets the command station to factory default. This means it clears all of the address "slots" and resets all options to default, as the unit came from the factory.
    • This clears ALL of the stored information in the command station, including switches, routes, and consists!. It also resets the station to have a limit of 22 slots, even if it was previously set to allow 120. BE CAREFUL WHEN USING THIS OpSw!

Review the Super Chief manual, also available on-line from Digitrax.

See Table VII, p 118 of the manual for items it resets.