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According to Digitrax, the DCS100 or DCS200 command stations cannot be reset by Option Switch 39.

This clears only the Locomotive Registry, Consists, etc. associated with DCC equipped locos by resetting multifunction decoder parameters, consists, routes and loco roster info stored by the command station. It will not necessarily reset other Option Switches.

The only way to completely clear the command station's memory is to disconnect the power supply and remove the internal coin cell.

To do this, remove the plug from the front. It pulls out. Then open the case and remove the coin cell from its holder.

Wait a moment or two before replacing the cell. If it has been several years since replacement, a new cell is preferred.

  • There are two positions for coin cells, only one is required. The second position is to allow a new cell to be installed before removing the old one, preserving the contents of the memory.
  • To perform a reset no cells should be installed.
Coin cell holders, DCS100

Once a cell is in the holder, close up the command station and install the connector plug on the front.

  • DCS210
    • Closing Option Switch 40 clears all internal memory and voltage trim settings, and resets to factory defaults.
    • The LOCO RESET button clears all multifunction decoder and consist info, as would closing OpSw 36.
    • Can also be configured to activate Slot Zero, where all locomotives are set to 0 speed and all functions turned off.
  • DCS210+
    • Closing Option Switch 40 when the Mode Switch is in the run position resets the DCS210+ to factory defaults. Refer to the instructions as a specfic sequence of actions is required to successfully complete the process.
    • Pressing LOCO RESET while in RUN Mode performs a soft clear of multifunction decoder parameters, setting them to a speed of 0 and turning all functions off.
  • DCS240
    • Closing Option Switch 40 clears all internal memory and voltage trim settings, and resets to factory defaults.
    • Pressing LOCO RESET clears all multifunction decoder info and consist information. Useful for clearing conditions which result in a Slot Max warning. Same as closing OpSw 36.