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Lenz LS100/LS110 Accessory DCC Decoder0

LS100 LS110 Manual

Specifications of LS100/LS110

Up to 4 function devices, each with a twin output, can be connected to each LS100/LS110. Power for these function devices can by supplied by the track power or through an external power supply. Each function device output can have its characteristics individually set (by programming). In this way you can program each output with a variable pulse duration, a variable flashing operation or to a constant operation,. This allows the direct connection of lightbulbs or LEDs without additional relays.

The LS100 also has a connection for the feedback bus of the DIGITAL plus system. If the feedback bus is connected, then the position of turnouts can be sent back to the system when using suitable switch machines. It is possible to display a turnout being thrown by either DCC or by hand.