FAQ:LZV200 Troubleshooting

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General information
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The various operating states of the LZV200 are indicated by the upper LEDs on the front panel, the state of the built-in amplifier (booster) by the lower LED.

During normal operation, both the upper and lower (red) LEDs are on.

Upper LED:

  1. The red LED is permanently on during operation of the LZV200.
  2. If the green LED lights up, the LZV200 is connected to a computer via the USB interface. The yellow LED flickers when there is data traffic between the LZV200 and the PC.

Lower LED:

  • LED lit
    • Everything ok, device in normal operation
  • LED flashes slowly
  1. Short-circuit on the track,
  2. Track voltage switched off
  3. Distribution voltage too low (due to the load being too high)
  4. Emergency stop, track voltage switched off at the operating device
  • LED flashes quickly
  1. Short-circuit on the track system
  2. Booster overheating
  • LED double-flashes:
    • A programming procedure was started by means of PoM (see “Setting the voltage on the track”)