Lenz: Throttle Cheat Sheet

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Summary: Lenz Throttle Shortcuts

Lenz Throttle Shortcut Chart

Action Keystrokes
Emergency Stop Press ST KEY
Selecting Locomotive Address CL, Locomotive Number, ENTER
Controlling Locomotive Speed Up (↑) or Down (↓) Arrows
Selecting Locomotive From Stack CL, press LOCO ADDRESS, −, until you see loco you want, then press ENTER
Selecting Locomotive Functions LOCO ADDRESS, FUNCTION KEY 1-12; Functions Above 8: LOCO ADDRESS, 9, 1
Changing Throttle Speed Steps or Notches LOCO ADDRESS, +, +, +, ENTER
Configuring Loco Decoder Functions LOCO ADDRESS, F,1, ENTER
DTR Double Traction
Double Heading Locomotives LOCO ADDRESS, F, 2, +, 2nd LOCO ADDRESS, ENTER
Disassembling Double Headers LOCO ADDRESS, F,2, , LOCO ADDRESS, ENTER
MTR Multi-Unit Consist
Assembling Multi-Unit Consist LOCO #, F, 3, +, MU #, ENTER. To add second locomotive repeat keystrokes
Displaying Locomotives in Consist MU #, −, −, ENTER
Removing Locomotives in Consist LOCO #, F,3, , ENTER. Repeat for next Loco
Accessory Control
Throwing Turnouts and Signals F,5, ENTER, TURNOUT or SIGNAL #, ENTER
Displaying Feedback F,6, ENTER, ENTER
Additional Settings Programmed with DIR Menu F, 8, [PROG] ENTER, −, [DIR], ENTER, [ADR], +, [ACC], +, [DCC], +, [STV], +, [MAX]
Decoder ID Programming Menu −, [ID], ENTER, −, ESC
Erasing Locomotives from Stack F, 9, 1, 5, +, ENTER, ESC,ESC, CL, −, ENTER, −, ENTER
Programming on the Main F, 7, ENTER
Service Mode - Programming Track F, 8, ENTER, −, ENTER, ENTER, LOCO #,ENTER
ShortCut To Most Common Settings –, F, 7, −, ENTER, +
Programming CVs LOCO ADDRESS, F, &, −, ENTER, CV #, CV VALUE
Setting Bits On CV’S –, LOCO ADDRESS, F, 7, 9, ENTER CV #, ENTER, ENTER