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Summary Train Control Systems (TCS) is a US-based manufacturer of DCC mobile decoders.

Tech Support:, (267)773-3408

Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM

Phone 215-453-9145
Fax 215-257-0735
Main URL
Address Train Control Systems

P.O. Box 341 Blooming Glen, PA 18911

Device Types Mobile Decoder, Other


TCS offers a large number of products for various scales including decoders Z, N, HO, G, and S-scale locomotives, as well as motherboards, speakers, housings, and various other components available from their website.



The only true CD-quality sound decoder in the industry available for steam (WOWSteam) and diesel (WOWDiesel) locomotives, featuring true to life 16 bit 44100Hz resolution.


Total conversion kits providing everything needed to convert an engine to WOWSound DCC, including a decoder, motherboard, Keep-Alive™, WOWSpeaker, and custom speaker housing. Every WOWKit has detailed installation pictures and information on the TCS website for ease-of use.

TCS Command Station

TCS is planning to release a command station in 2019.

This product is not available for sale, and the features may be different from those listed.

Planned features include:




Every TCS decoder comes equipped with the easy-to-use AudioAssist™ audio menu

  • Change CV settings without ever programming a CV.
  • Pressing button 8 four times rapidly on any TCS decoder when your locomotive is at a stop accesses the Audio Assist™ menu.


  • TCS Keep-Alive™ (KA) devices are used to supply power to decoders during times of power interruption due to dirty track or problematic track work.
  • All TCS decoders shipping with date codes from after January 2012 support the Keep-Alive™ feature.

Railcom / Railcom+

TCS decoders with Version 89 firmware do support RailCom transponding. As of 2019, these decoders, when purchased directly from TCS, support RailCom/RailCom+. Those purchased from dealer stock may not be Version 89 decoders.


Decoders, Motherboards, and Keep Alive® are covered under a ONE YEAR “goof-proof” warranty which covers manufacturer defects, burns, shorts, physical damage, and operator error. The decoder will be repaired or replaced within one year even if the operator accidentally damages it.

Decoders determined to be out of warranty (CVs 250, 251, and 252 read to be more than 1 year out of date) will be charged an upgrade fee in exchange for a current production decoder unless a valid receipt of purchase can be provided.

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Keep Alive® is a trademark for identifying TCS' energy storage device.

Video: TCS Decoder Factory

Rapido Trains Inc. and Train Control Systems are in the process of developing an all-new sound decoder. Here is an introduction to the new decoder, as well as a tour of the TCS headquarters and shop in Blooming Glen, Pennsylvania. These decoders are Made in the USA.

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