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Summary: DCC Resources to help you get up to speed with Digital Command Control, or keep up to date with current events. As always, if you find something 'out there' that is not recorded by The DCC Wiki, we invite you to share that information here.

There are a number of resources for information and reference purposes related to Digital Command Control. Over time a number of books have been published, numerous magazine articles and DCC related columns, as well as electronic resources such as mailing lists and web sites such as this one, The DCC Wiki[1], and numerous others.

Electronic Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are great resources to find information, or post specific product questions. They are delivered through electronic mail to your computer. You just need to subscribe to the lists you are interested in, and messages will be sent to you. By posting a message all the members will see your message and be able to offer advice and solutions to your problem, or you can offer your expertise too.


Since Yahoo Groups began experiencing technical issues, many email lists have fled to Groups.IO.

In October 2019 Yahoo announced that they would cease accepting file uploads to groups, in December 2019 Yahoo deleted all file directories and message archives. This triggered a panic amongst listowners to move their content to new lists on Groups.IO.

Since that time Yahoo Groups has been discontinued and no longer exists.

Manufacturer Specific

These groups are created by volunteers, and often have no connection to the manufacturer. But they contain a wealth of information and knowledge provided by their members.

DCC related mailing lists on []:

  • LokSound
  • ESU
  • Digitrax
  • NCE
  • QSI
  • TCS
  • Lenz
  • JMRI

Feel free to add more...

Digitrax also has their own mailing list for product announcements. See their webpage.


Podcasts are audio programs available on line for listening live, or downloaded to a computer, handheld device, or copied to a USB stick for listening later.

A google search will turn up more, as will searching on Apple Podcasts.


We would like to think that a printed book couldn't keep as up to date as a Wiki, however we still provide resources to read while on the road or out at the bench.

The DCCWiki does not endorse, receive reciprocation, or sponsor those links.

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General DCC Books

Digital Command Control

  • Digital Command Control, the Comprehensive Guide to DCC
  • Authors: Stan Ames, Rutger Friberg and Ed Loizeaux
  • Published by Allt om Hobby Publishing Company, in co-operation with the National Model Railroad Association, Inc.
  • ISBN 91-85496-49-9

Published in 1998.

This book is an introductory guide to Digital Command Control, written by members of the NMRA DCC Working Group, who have been involved with DCC since the beginning.

General DCC information, with more detailed technical information, as well as installing DCC on the layout, decoders into locomotives, and other topics. Includes a section on commercial DCC systems offered in 1998.


DCC Made Easy

  • DCC Made Easy: Digital Command Control for Your Model Railroad
  • Author: Lionel Strang (Also produces the podcast "A Modeler's Life")
  • Publisher: Kalmbach Books.
  • ISBN 0-89024-616-5

Published in April 2003

Written for someone just getting into DCC in mind. If you have general DCC knowledge, this book is not for you. Recommended for those just getting started in DCC. Includes chapters on how DCC works, components, and basic decoder installations. Appendices deal with troubleshooting, a glossary, and a DCC buyer's guide.

This book can be ordered directly from Kalmbach (publisher of Model Railroader magazine), though your local hobby shop or bookstore, and various online booksellers.

DCC Projects and Applications

There are two books with this name.

  • DCC Projects and Applications
  • (Volume I)
  • Author: Mike Polsgrove
  • Publisher: Kalmbach Books
  • ISBN 9780890246450

Model Railroader magazine takes the reader through a series of DCC projects, including setting up a DCC layout, decoder installation, lighting effects, sound effects, layout wiring projects, advanced decoder programming, and tips and ideas for advanced DCC projects. For beginners and experts alike, this book includes tips, techniques, and photographic instruction.

  • DCC Projects and Applications, Volume 2
  • (Volume II)
  • Author: Mike Polsgrove with David Popp
  • Publisher: Kalmbach Books
  • ISBN 9780890247747

DCC Projects & Applications Vol. 2 answers questions about starting with or upgrading Digital Command Control equipment, selecting state-of-the-art gear, and installing and operating these new electronics. Offers tips on upgrading equipment, acquiring state-of-the-art new gear, installation, and operation. Based on DCC Corner, a popular Model Railroader column.

Basic DCC Wiring for Your Model Railroad

  • Basic DCC Wiring for Your Model Railroad
  • Author: Mike Polsgrove
  • Publisher: Kalmbach Books
  • ISBN 9780890247938

Get started with Digital Command Control (DCC)! This how-to guide covers the basics, with an overview of DCC, track wiring, cab bus wiring, and converting an existing layout to DCC.

The DCC Guide

  • The DCC Guide
  • Author: Don Fiehmann
  • Publisher: Kalmbach Books
  • ISBN 9780890246

Digital Command Control is the latest in operation of model trains, but it's so much more. DCC can help model trains take advantage of all the new features in modern model trains like realistic sound and smoother switching and running. This comprehensive, all-new volume helps modelers get the most out of DCC with diagrams and photos showing how DCC works, from wiring, to installing and setting decoders in running equipment, to throttle units. The DCC Guide presents an overview of the product lines available and helps modelers select the right system for their plans.

A newer edition is in the works, see below.
The DCC Guide, Second Edition
  • The DCC Guide, Second Edition
  • Author: Don Fiehmann
  • Publisher: Kalmbach Books
  • ISBN 9780890246764

This comprehensive guide helps modelers get the most out of DCC with diagrams and photos showing how DCC works, from wiring to installing decoders in locomotives. Presents an overview of the product lines available and helps modelers select the right system for their plans.


Digital Command Control: The Definitive Guide

Ian Morton Hardcover: 192 pages Publisher: Ian Allan Publishing

  • ISBN 0711035024
  • ISBN 978-0711035027
This book is out of print
Over recent years there has been one major and significant advance in model railway technology-the development of Digital Command Control (DCC). Historically, wiring of a model railway was potentially complex and it was almost impossible to control more than one train at a time. DCC simplifies the wiring significantly and, via the use of chips that give each locomotive a unique identity, allows for the operation of multiple trains simultaneously. For modelers, DCC represents a considerable challenge, particularly for those who have been modeling for a number of years and who may have significant collections of locomotives and rolling stock that predate the development of DCC. This informative new title will include instructive text allied to hundreds of images including step-by-step photographs showing how non-DCC compatible locomotives can be converted to DCC operation. This new title is the ultimate guide to Digital Command Control and is a must have for all rail and modeling enthusiasts worldwide.

Practical Introduction to Digital Command Control for Railway Modellers

Nigel Burkin

  • Publisher: The Crowood Press UK
  • ISBN 1847970206
  • ISBN 978-1847970206

From background information on the technology itself to layout wiring; taking in decoders, hand controllers, wireless and many practical modeling projects, Neil Burkin offers a comprehensive introduction to Digital Command Control [DCC] for the beginner and experienced modeler alike. The book emphasizes the benefits of DCC technology as a model railway control system and offers practical advice on the choice of systems, applying the technology to a layout, how to use it to enhance layout operations, and how it can be used to overcome practical difficulties with operations such as banking, double-heading, lighting and sound. Technical jargon is avoided and clear descriptions of each project featured in the book will remove the mystery surrounding DCC. Many of the modeling projects may be adapted for almost any modeling situation and are supported by over 400 excellent color photographs.

Aspects of Modelling: Digital Command Control (2nd ed.)

  • Ian Morton
  • Publisher: Ian Allan Publishing; 2nd Revised edition (May 8 2010)
  • ISBN 0711034990
  • ISBN 978-0711034990

When published in 2007, Aspects of Modelling: Digital Command Control was one of the first books to address this important new technology for railway modelers. Reprinted twice, the book has been the essential introductory guide for all modelers using digital command control (DCC). This new updated edition encompasses all recent changes in this technology, and is certain to be popular with keen modelers wishing to master the latest developments. DCC has been one of the most radical developments in the model railway hobby in recent years, and the equipment is comparatively expensive and comprehensive. DCC enables one to operate each locomotive on a model layout individually using computer technology, making the whole operation far more realistic. Special effects such as sound can also be added with DCC and most proprietary models come with DCC compatibility. It is also possible to upgrade older models to take advantage of this new technology.

Practical Guide to Digital Command Control

Larry Puckett White River Productions

If you have ever wanted to explore the world of DCC, then you need The Practical Guide to Digital Command Control by Larry Puckett!

Electrical Handbook for Model Railroads, Vol. 2

Paul Mallery White River Productions

Paul Mallery's advanced electrical handbook for model railroaders goes in-depth with walk-around cab control, DCC, relays, transistors, signaling cab and command control, trouble shooting, and more. Packed with photos and diagrams.

There is a Volume 1 available as well.

Electronics for Model Railways

Electronics for Model Railways is a free electronic book written by MERG member David Dick. It is available for download on a per chapter basis.

Mini Guides

PECO has published two booklets:

  • Introducing DCC
  • DCC Decoder Installation

They may be available on Amazon UK.

Manufacturer's Books

Sometimes manufacturers publish books as way to further promote their product. Usually they have general DCC information, but also special sections or examples on how to apply their specific products. You've been warned.


  • The Digitrax Big Book of DCC
  • ISBN 096748300X
    • Published on December 30, 1999
    • Contains some general DCC information.
    • Somewhat out of date, doesn't mention Digitrax Transponding at all.
This book is currently out of print. It is available as a print-on-demand title from Amazon.
  • A Visual Guide to Mastering the Digitrax Zephyr
September 30 2010
Step-by-step Zephyr procedures for selecting, controlling and releasing locomotives
Using the Zephyr's Jump Ports
Decoder programming
Status editing
Building and breaking MU consists
Turnout (switch) control
Command and throttle configuration
Hints and tips
Insights on Digitrax equipment and DCC in general
Available on iTunes as an iBook, Amazon's Kindle, and other platforms.

Other Subjects



  • Railroad Signaling by Brian Solomon

ISBN 0-7603-1360-1

  • All About Signals by John Armstrong.

Out of print but if you can get your hands on this, it’s a great reference.


  • Trackwork Handbook by Paul Mallory

ISBN-10 : 0911868860 ISBN-13 : 978-0911868869 Publisher : Carstens Publications

This book may be out of print. but should be available on the used book market. White River Publications does not list this title.

Layout Design Special Interest Group

The Layout Design SIG (LDSIG) is a nonprofit educational organization that exists to further the art and science of model railroad track planning and model train layout design. Their website has information on planning you layout, including how you plan to control and signal it, and a wealth of other information.

By becoming a member, you will get their publications, or you can also purchase copies of their publications.


MERG (Model Electronic Railway Group) is an international, UK based society promoting interest in the application of electronics and computers to all aspects of railway modelling.

Founded in 1967, MERG's aim is to actively promote and advance the use of electronic and computer technology for model railway operation, which is ideally suited to take advantage of these technologies, and the application of electronics and computers can be used to good effect to add enhanced features and realism to model railway operation.


Cover Craftsman.jpg

There are a number of magazines available, if you know of titles that are not shown here, please feel free to add them to our list.

NMRA Publications

  • NMRA Magazine, formerly Scale Rails. Published by the NMRA for its members. The regions and divisions also publish newsletters for their members, many are available online. Subscriptions available with membership.

Commercial Publications

English Language

  • Model Railroader, Kalmbach Publishing Co.
Kalmbach publishes a number of hobby magazines, Model Railroader is their flagship publication. They also publish TRAINS and a number of special issues annually.
  • Railroad Model Craftsman, White River Publications (WRP) RMC Website.
Originally The Model Craftsman, which predated The Model Railroader by a year. The magazine changed to focus only on model railroading with the name change in 1949 to Railroad Model Craftsman.
WRP also publishes:
Model Railroad News
Railfan and Railroad
Passenger Train Journal
TRP Magazine (The Railroad Press)
  • Model Railroad Hobbyist, an electronic publication, free/subscription for bonus content. Covers many topics, and can do so in great detail because it is an online electronic magazine. Offered in Portable Document Format (PDF), in versions for the Macintosh, and Linux or Windows operating systems. Back issues are available.
  • N Scale Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine devoted exclusively to N scale modelling, detailing, electronics, N'Spiration photos, layouts, scenery, photography, scratch building, painting and weathering, operating dioramas and more.
  • N Scale Railroading
  • Canadian Railway Modeller (CRM)
    CRM Logo4c.jpg
    CRM has ceased publication.
  • S Scale Resource is a free online magazine, dedicated to S Scale, but with interesting articles nevertheless. Read online or download as a PDF.
  • Australian Model Engineering is a magazine about model engineering, including railroads, aimed at those who build things such as live steam.
  • Australian Model Railways (AMRM) is published bi-monthly by SCR Publications for the Southern Cross Model Railway Association. The Australian Model Railway Magazine (AMRM) is Australia’s premier model railway magazine with its first edition published in April 1963. The magazine has been continuously published since then on a bi-monthly basis. Distribution of AMRM is through direct subscription, news agencies and hobby shops.

Railway Modeller, Published by PECO. ISSN 0033-8931

See Also

NMRA Magazine Listing

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