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It is possible to use Advanced Consists with a Digitrax DCC system, overridign the preference for UniVersal Consists.

The Digitrax Advanced Consist uses an NMRA DCC consist packet to modify CV19 (Consist Address).

Advanced Consist Setup

The following changes are necessary to use Advanced Consisting with a Digitrax Command Station

  • OpSw 17 must be set to "t" (thrown)
  • DCS 50 and DCS51[1] use a default of "c" (closed)
  • DCS100 default is "t"
  • Status Edit the Speed Steps to *28 or *128

The procedure to create the consist is the same, but the result is an Advanced Consist.

UniVersal consists have limited function control and generate a lot more packets than Advanced Consisting, as each locomotive requires a control packet instead of one packet per consist. Using the Advanced consist method reduces traffic on the track bus while give much more function control via CV21 and CV22.


  1. Zephyr series