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Digitrax Command Stations

Digitrax Command Stations employ Option Switches to cutomise the operation of the command station.

The switch on the front panel must be set to OP to change option switches, with a throttle connected to the command station.

DCS 100/200 Option Switches

Option Switch (OpSw) Effect When Closed Default
01 Do not change t
02 Do not change t
03 DCS100 Auto Reverse Booster t
04 Do not change t
05 Command station master mode (Change to c (Closed)) t
06 Do not change t
07 Do not change t
08 Do not change t
09 Do not change t
10 Do not change t
11 Do not change t
12 Do not change t
13 Locomotive Address Purge Time changes from 200 to 600 seconds t
14 Disable Locomotive Address Purge t
15 Purge will force locomotive speed to zero t
16 Do not change t
17 Automatic Advanced Decoder Assisted (FX) consisting disabled t
18 DCS100: Short Circuit shutdown changes from 125 milliSeconds to 500mS t
19 Do not change t
20 Disable Zero Stretching (Analog) mode t
21/22/23 Global System Default for New Locomotive Selections t
Set OpSw 21/22/232 as follows
t-t-t = 128 steps[1]
t-t-c = 128 step FX mode
c-t-t = 14 step mode
c-c-t 28 step mode
24 Do not change t
25 Disable Aliasing t
26 Enable Routes t
27 Bushby Bit: Disable normal turnout commands to allow a computer to handle turnout logic t
28 Disable DS54 Interrogate commands upon powering up t
29 Do not change t
30 Do not change t
31 Meter route/switch outputs rate when not Motorola Trinary t
32 Do not change t
33 Track Power restored to previous state at power up t
34 Allow Track to power up in RUN state, if set to run prior to power on t
35 Do not change t
36[2] Clear ALL multifunction decoder info and consists t
37[2] Clear ALL routes t
38[2] Clear Locomotive Roster t
39[2] Clear ALL internal memory states, including OpSw 36, 37 & 38 t
40 Do not change t
41 Diagnostic click when valid LocoNet commands incoming & routes being output t
42 Disable three beeps when locomotive address is purged t
43 Disable LocoNet update of command station’s track status t
44 Expand slot refresh area from 22 (Big Boy) to 120 slots t
45 Disable reply for switch state request t
46 Do not change t
47 Program track is brake generator when not used for programming. Braking sets to speed 0 (DCC) (not Emergency stop) for Address 0, light ON, broadcast to all addresses


OPSW# Name State Default
Opsw2 DisableCS c= Disable CS - Booster only t
Opsw3 Auto Reverse c= Enable Booster reverser t
Opsw6 Skip_Ptrk_Imin c= Ignore Empty Program Track t
Opsw13 Purge long c= Extended PURGE time t
Opsw14 Purge Off c= Disable PURGING function t
Opsw15 Purge To_Stop c= Set PURGED locomotives to ZERO speed. t
Opsw17 Dec Consist Off c= No decoder CV19 Advanced Consists t
Opsw18 SC_Extend c= Lengthen Short Circuit holdup from ~24->60mS t
Opsw19 OpsRD FB c= Ops Mode feedback module installed c
Opsw20 Analog_Off c= Disable Address 00/Zero Stretching on TRACK t
Opsw21 Nu_Steps;
Opsw22 Nu_Steps;
Opsw23 Nu_Steps;
000-128 STEP: t, t, t Factory Default
001-14 Step" t, t, c
010-28 Step" t, c, t
100-128 Step FX c, t, t (Advanced consists allowed)
Opsw25 Dis_Rt_EchoLn c= CS Routes unpack/echo to LocoNet OFF (DCC only) t
Opsw26 Routes_On c= ROUTE logic ON in CS c
Opsw27 Bushby bit c= DISABLE SW_REQ action and SW_STATE reply t
Opsw28 Pon_Introg_off c= DISABLE Interrogate at PON cmd t
Opsw31 Fast_SW_Rate c= MAX ROUTE SEND rate, not 300mS/per t
Opsw33 EnPwrOnTrk c= PON TRK power ON if <E7>TRK bit ON c
Opsw34 EnPonIdle c= TRK Idle ON if <E7>NIDLE bit LO c
Opsw35 Dis_Mbl_Clr_SW c= disable ext Mobile Clear switch action t
Opsw36 MobileClr c= Clear Mobile/Consists (transient) t
Opsw37 RouteClr c= Clear routes (transient) t
Opsw38 LocoSW_SoftClr c= LocoSW press will do Soft clr,not Slot clear t
Opsw40 Manuf_Default c= Factory default OPSW AND Trk voltages t
Opsw41 Ln_Klix c= ENABLE beep on GOOD LocoNet MSG t
Opsw42 Purg_NoBeep c= DIASBLE 3 beeps on PURGE t
Opsw43 Dis_XtWr_TrkSTAT c= DISABLE TRACK_STAT update from NET t
Opsw47 Brake_NotProg c= BRAKE pkts from PROG when not PROGRAM t
Opsw49 Idle_Allow c= allow IDLE power stat, 0=no Idle allowed t
Opsw54 PON_spd_Nzero c= recall last spd at POR, not Zero t
Opsw66 Dis_AdvCMds c= do not use advanced commands t
Opsw70 Dis_CS_probes c= disable <BB7F> Check for other Command Stations t
Opsw71 Dis_POR_probeZap c= No extern CS disable, just defer t
Opsw75 DisProg_Prechrge c= Disable Prog track precharge t
Opsw77 DisLegacyLockout c= after D5 cmds lockout legacy SPD/fns etc t
Opsw78 Ack_B0_SW c = send out ACK on B0 sw cmd t

Digitrax has updated their knowledge base for these command stations:


  • Route: A specified group of turnouts which will be triggered when a command is issued by the throttle. The turnout at the TOP address controls the others to set the route.
  • Aliasing: Aliasing allows operation of a locomotive with a 2 digit primary address using a 4 digit extended address. The DCS100 handles this feature not the decoder. It is no longer supported.
  • Purge: A procedure in which the command station will release locomotives automatically, setting their slot of "Common" from "In–Use". This will occur if they are not under control of a throttle connected to the LocoNet when a time of approximately 200 seconds (~three minutes twenty seconds) elapses. Other operators can take control of the locomotive after purging has occurred. The DCS100 will allow this mode to be extended to 600 seconds (10 minutes) or disabled.


  1. System defaults to 128 speed steps.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 See your manual for more details on setting these options