FAQ:Programming with Digitrax Throttles

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General information
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Programming a decoder with a Digitrax Advanced Throttle:

  1. Press the PROG key
    1. The display will state 'Program on the top line
    2. The bottom line will indicate the following:
      1. CVNo, indicating that the selected CV will be on the left side
      2. The Programming Mode will be in the middle
      3. dAt indicating CV values will be displayed on the right

The mode is selected by repeatedly pressing PROG until the desired mode appears.

  • PG: Paged Mode
  • PH: Physical Register Mode
  • Pd: Direct Mode
  • PO: Operations Mode

Paged is Digitrax's preferred method for their decoders.

Note: If Operations Mode is selected, the command station will send the instructions to the main track outputs (Rail A & B). The other modes activate the programming outputs, if equipped. See the manual for your command station for more details.

Press EXIT to quit and return to normal operation.

Address Configuration

The display will show the last CV and its value that were programmed. Turning the left throttle knob counterclockwise will change the display to Ad2=???, allowing a Primary address to be set. If an Extended Address is preferred, press the right throttle knob. Ad4=??? will appear

To set the desired values, press the ENTER key.

When programming an Extended address, an additional step is involved. The display will change to Ad4on?=y. Press the Y/+ key to accept this and the appropriate changes to CV29 will be made.

Other Configuration Values

When configuring a decoder using their CVs, a semaphore will appear in the upper left of the display. By turning the left throttle, the CV number can be selected. The right throttle is used to set the value. Again, a semaphore will appear in the upper right during this process.

Once the CV and its value are displayed, press ENTER to set them