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To reset an NCE Power Cab to its factory defaults, use the following process:

  1. Use the Setup Command Station menus by pressing PROG + 5
  2. Scroll through the menu options until the display shows "Reset System"
    1. Pressing 6 will initiate the process
    2. The prompt will ask "Are You Sure?"
    3. Press 1 if the answer is Yes.

This will clear the Power Cab portion, any items stored in memory for the Pro Cab mode will remain.

The display will return to the opening screen.

If the firmware version is 1.65, the system will revert to version 1.28. It is recommended to upgrade to version 1.65B to avoid this issue.

The Power Cab functions as a Pro Cab when connected to an external command station.

See page 57 of the Power Cab manual for full details.