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Starter Set by Lenz:

Set 101

Summary: This set is marketed for "Larger Railways" were 3, 4 or more trains may be in operation at once.

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General information
Manufacturer Lenz

MSRP 379 EUR372.30 USD <br />331.61 GBP <br />562.65 AUD <br />502.27 CAD <br />
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Part Number
Release information

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Has computer
Upgrade Possible

Max Current 5
Command Station LZV200
See command station for additional features of this starter set.

Lenz Set 101

Each Set 101 includes a LZV200 amplifier plus command station and an LH101 hand-held control throttle.

Lenz uses XpressNet for their throttle bus.

A Power Supply is not included.


  • 9999 DCC Addresses supported
  • Supports Extended Addresses
  • 14, 28 /128 speed steps
  • 28 Functions
    • 69 functions available with appropriate throttle.
  • Consisting: Double and Multiple-traction
    • Internal consist database
  • Automatic control is optional
  • Separate Programming Track outputs
  • CV Programming: CV1 to CV1024
  • Additional power requirements are met by adding additional amplifiers
  • Connect up to 31 input devices via XpressNet.
  • Programming of Command Station in Operations Mode (PoM)
  • Up to 2048 turnouts, signals can be controlled, depending on the control device used.
    • Feedback bus to connect feedback modules and accessory decoders that support the feedback function.
  • The LZV200 can generate the RailCom Signal
  • Integrated USB PC Interface
  • Future updates can be applied using a memory stick

New Features

  • USB-B connection for a computer
  • Firmware updates by USB flash drive
  • Global RailCom detector
    • CV values can be read from a RailCom equipped decoder
  • Support for 2048 Accessory Decoder addresses

Set 101-R

This set comes with a radio throttle and LTM101 receiver.

Set 101 FAQs

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