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Starter Set by Lenz:

Set 101

}Summary: This set is marketed for "Larger Railways" were 3, 4 or more trains may be in operation at once.

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LENZ LZV200.jpg
General information
Manufacturer Lenz
MSRP 379 EUR372.30 USD <br />331.61 GBP <br />562.65 AUD <br />502.27 CAD <br />
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Manufacturer Part Number 60101
Common Name
UPC Number
Release information
Product URL Product Link
Manual URL Manual Link
Has computer interface USB
Firmware Upgrade Possible Yes
Year Released
Year EOL
Max Current 5
Command Station LZV200

Lenz Set 101

Each Set 101 includes a LZV200 amplifier plus command station and an LH101 hand-held control throttle.

Lenz uses XpressNet for their throttle bus.

A Power Supply is not included.


  • 9999 DCC Addresses supported
  • Supports Extended Addresses
  • 14, 28 /128 speed steps
  • 28 Functions
    • 69 functions available with appropriate throttle.
  • Consisting: Double and Multiple-traction
    • Internal consist database
  • Automatic control is optional
  • Separate Programming Track outputs
  • CV Programming: CV1 to CV1024
  • Additional power requirements are met by adding additional amplifiers
  • Connect up to 31 input devices via XpressNet.
  • Programming of Command Station in Operations Mode (PoM)
  • Up to 2048 turnouts, signals can be controlled, depending on the control device used.
    • Feedback bus to connect feedback modules and accessory decoders that support the feedback function.
  • The LZV200 can generate the RailCom Signal
  • Integrated USB PC Interface
  • Future updates can be applied using a memory stick

New Features

  • USB-B connection for a computer
  • Firmware updates by USB flash drive
  • Global RailCom detector
    • CV values can be read from a RailCom equipped decoder
  • Support for 2048 Accessory Decoder addresses

Set 101-R

This set comes with a radio throttle and LTM101 receiver.

Set 101 FAQs

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