FAQ:Should the DB150 be Blinking When Used as a Booster?

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Yes. When the DB150 is in booster mode, the green power light will blink to indicate that it is in booster mode versus command station + booster mode. The DB200+ doesn't blink because it doesn't have command capability. The purpose of the blinking light on the DB150 is to let you know it Is operating in booster mode and not using the command station capabilities.

DB 150 Diagnostice Blinking

  • Steady on = DB150 is operating as a Command Station/Booster
  • 1/2 sec on / 1/2 sec off = DB150 is operating as a Booster only
  • 1 sec on / 1 sec off = DB150 is in Option (OP) mode, the Option switch is in the OPTN position
  • 2 sec on / 2 sec off = DB150 is in Sleep mode, the Option switch is in Sleep mode
  • Fast pulsing = DB150 is in Program Mode, the Option Switch is in PROG mode. Commands sent in this mode will program decoders that are on the connected track section.

Off 4 sec then blinks = Count the blinks after the 4 second off period to determine fault code:

  • 1 blink Short Circuit
  • 2 blinks Over temperature failure
  • 3 blinks Loss of packets failure