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Most systems have a simple process for applying power to the track. There will be a button somewhere on the throttle which instructs the booster to apply power to the track, or remove it. Simple utility throttles usually don't have a power button.

Except for Digitrax.

Digitrax has three states for track power:

  1. Off, no power to track
  2. Idle: Track power is on; Command Station is only sending Idle Packets
    1. In this state the lights and sound will work, but the train will not move.
  3. Run: Track power is on; Command Station is sending commands.

When in Idle, the track power indicator on the throttle is blinking. Pressing Y+ will change the state to ON, and the indicator will no longer blink.

This behaviour confuses many users, especially those new to DCC and Digitrax.