FAQ:Upgrading to a Digitrax Zephyr Express from a Zephyr or Zephyr Xtra

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If upgrading your DCS50 or DCS51, known as the Zephyr / Zephyr Xtra, to a Zephyr Express (DCS52), it is important to know that the connections are reversed.

While the connector can be removed from the old command station and will directly plug into a Zephyr Extra, the actual connections have been reversed compared to the previous versions of the Zephyr, despite the labels having the same sequence. The connector itself is keyed, so it only fits in one orientation.

It will be necessary to transfer the wires to the correct connections on the connector. The image shows the back panel of a DCS51 in a vertical orientation, in normal use the legend would be above the connections. Whereas the screw terminals would be on the right, on the DCS52 the terminals would on the left (reversed). The legend on the DCS52 is beneath the connector.

DCS50/DCS51 connector port. Connector removed for clarity. The connections on the DCS52 are reversed. The screws would be toward the right if the connector were installed.