FAQ:What is the difference in Insul-frog vs Peco Electro-Frog?

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The PECO Insulfrog has an insulated (dead) frog, made of non-conductive plastic. It is a power routing turnout, a useful feature before DCC.

As it is power routing, the turnout has no issues with DCC operation. Insulated rail joiners are required to prevent a short between the point rails at the heel of the frog.

The Electrofrog is different: It has a metal frog which can be powered (live). In its factory state, the frog is powered via jumpers installed under the rails. These can be removed to create a dead frog, and there is a pigtail to allow connection to a mechanical or electronic switch. Insulated rail joiners or gaps are required on the point rails to prevent a short at the toe of the frog.