FAQ:Accessing Functions above F9 with an NCE Cab

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General information
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NCE Cabs can access functions above F9. It involves a few more button presses.

The expanded functions only work with upgraded firmware. See Power Cab Firmware and Power Pro Firmware for more details.

Extended Functions

F10 – F19
  • Press and hold Shift
  • While holding the shift key press 0
  • The display will show F10 – F19
To access a function in this range, subtract 10 from the function number and press the corresponding key. For F19, press 9.
  • F10 – F12 can also be activated by pressing SHIFT and the related key at the bottom of the keypad.
F20 – F28
  • Press and hold Shift
  • While holding the shift key press 0 twice.
  • The display will show F20 – F28
  • Pressing 5 activates F25 for example.
Viewing Active Functions
  • Press the EXPN key.
  • Three rows will appear on the display indicating which range and the functions active in that range.
  • PROG/ESC returns to the main screen.

See Power Cab Tips for additional details

Power Cab: Functions Not Working

This issue may appear after using the Programming Track Mode.

While operating a locomotive some functions do not work. If this occurs, unplug or turn the Power Cab off and wait a few seconds. Once it has completely shut down, power it up and allow it to reboot/restart. Everything should work normally after this.