BD20 Block Detector (BD20)

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NCE: BD20 Block Detector (BD20)

Summary: Track current detector, using a current transformer for isolation. Connects to NCE's Mini Panel or AIU01. Can also be used with an LED or relay and external power source.

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General information
DCC Category
Manufacturer NCE
MSRP 19.95 USD20.31 EUR <br />17.77 GBP <br />30.15 AUD <br />26.91 CAD <br />
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Manufacturer Part Number 05240205
Common Name BD20 Block Detector
UPC Number 816757010632
Release information

Product URL External Product Link
Has computer interface None
Firmware Upgrade Possible No
Misc Details
Height 22 mm2.2 cm <br />0.022 m <br />0.866 in <br />0.0722 ft <br />
Length 36 mm3.6 cm <br />0.036 m <br />1.417 in <br />0.118 ft <br />
Width 20 mm2 cm <br />0.02 m <br />0.787 in <br />0.0656 ft <br />


  • Detects DCC track current drawn through a single track feeder.
    • Suitable for DCC track power up to 20 Amps.
    • Isolated, no direct electrical connection to the track.
  • Needs no external power for most operations.
  • Can be connected to the NCE AIU01 or Mini Panel.
  • Can control a LED or relay when used with external DC power (5-12 Volts).


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