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Throttle Network:

NCE: Power Cab Partner

Summary: A feature rich, all in one, Power Cab accessory with everything needed in a tiny package. Includes a USB interface and Cab Bus connections.

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General information
DCC Category
Throttle Network
Manufacturer NCE
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Manufacturer Part Number 5240327
Common Name
UPC Number
Release information

Product URL External Product Link
Has computer interface USB 1.x
Firmware Upgrade Possible No
Misc Details
Height 1 in2.54 cm <br />25.4 mm <br />0.0254 m <br />0.0833 ft <br />
Length 5 in12.7 cm <br />127 mm <br />0.127 m <br />0.417 ft <br />
Width 2.5 in6.35 cm <br />63.5 mm <br />0.0635 m <br />0.208 ft <br />


  • Simple, easy to use dedicated programming track output.
  • Built-in USB interface.
  • Plug-and-play, jumpers or drivers unnecessary.
  • Additional NCE Cab Bus jack, the Partner can be added anywhere on a layout using standard NCE Cab Bus cabling.
  • Self-contained in a sturdy and lightweight NCE micro form factor case, as used for many products. ** Velcro or double-stick tape can be used to mount it anywhere you need it.

Power Cab Partner FAQs

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