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Summary: The BLI–1020 is a small handheld device for easily changing the address of a multifunction decoder

The Broadway Limited Imports (BLI) Address Changer is a small, handheld device which allows you to easily set or change the address of a decoder. It also allows you to easily reset any decoder.

It has an 8 pin socket which can be used to connect a decoder, or a pair of binding posts that you can use to connect a programming track to. Once connected you can read the address, or change it to a new address with the press of a button. It is similar in concept to a decoder tester but with limited features.

This device was introduced in 2014.


  • Simple programming of a DCC Address.
  • Standalone design, requires no DCC System
  • Eight pin NMRA decoder socket for use with aftermarket decoders
  • Program track output for on board DCC decoders
  • Program, read & reset DCC decoders and on-board DCC decoders individually or simultaneously
  • Works with all NMRA compliant decoders & locomotives in HO, N and Z scales
  • Power supply included
  • Use any piece of track as a program track

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