PowerPro 5A or CS02 Command Station. (CS02)

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Command Station:

NCE: PowerPro 5A or CS02 Command Station. (CS02)

Summary: The PowerPro by NCE is a complete DCC starter system with a Command Station,5A Booster and full featured walk around cab. A 10Amp version is also available.

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General information
Manufacturer NCE
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Common Name PowerPro 5A or CS02 Command Station.
Product information

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Has computer
Firmware Upgrade

Integrated Throttle Knobs and Buttons
Throttle Network Cab Bus
Programming Track
DCC Features

Extended Addressing Yes
CV Readback Yes
Max Simultaneous
Consisting Methods
Advanced, Basic, Other
Max Consists 127
Speed Steps 28/128
Max Switches 2044
Functions 28
Feedback Yes
Zero Stretching No
Auto Shuffle Train / Signal Speed Control No
Speed Steps 28/128
Max Current 5
Input Power Waveform AC


The PowerPro is a complete DCC system with a Command Station,5A Booster and Full featured walk around cab. A 10Amp version is also available. The CS02 is just the command station portion of the PowerPro System and is sold as an upgrade path by NCE. There is no booster or cab included.

  • Addresses Supported: 1-9999
  • Consist Addresses; 127
  • Accessory Addresses: 1-2044
  • 127 Advanced Consists are supported per system, with an unlimited number of locomotives per consist.
  • "Old Style Consists, maximum of 250 consist with up to four locomotives. [1]

Consist modes Available

  1. Address: Decoder based where the locomotives in the consist are given the same address. Single speed command from a throttle controls the consist. Uses CV2 (Short Address) or CV17/18 (long address)
  2. Basic: Command Station based where the command station sends multiple speed commands to each locomotive in the consist from a single throttle to force the decoders to act as part of the consist. Decoders have no knowledge they are part of a consist.
  3. Advanced: Decoder based using CV19 to store the consist address. Single speed command from throttle is sent to consist address and controls any and all decoders with CV19 matching that consist address.
  4. Unified: Combination of Basic and Advanced.

Throttles are hand held (not integrated), up to 63 throttles supported on Cab Bus. 5A and 10 Boosters are offered. NCE support "unified" consisting per NMRA and marked as "other". NCE does not support DC locomotives (Zero stretching.)

Computer interface is via an RS-232 serial port.


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  1. Universal is not a NMRA consisting term. It is a Digitrax marketing term.