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Command Station:

NCE: SB5 (5240027)

Summary: Five Amp Smart Booster. Allows the Power Cab to be used as a walk-around throttle. The Power Cab functions as a Pro Cab when used with an SB5.

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General information
Manufacturer NCE

MSRP 299.95 USD305.35 EUR <br />267.17 GBP <br />453.31 AUD <br />404.66 CAD <br />
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Part Number
Common Name SB5
UPC Number 816757010939
Product information

Product URL External Product Link
Product Manual URL External Product Link
Has computer
Predecessor SB3, SB3A

Integrated Throttle None
Throttle Network Cab Bus
Programming Track
DCC Features

Extended Addressing Yes
Consisting Methods
Advanced, Other
Speed Steps 28/128
Functions 29
Zero Stretching No
Max Current 5
Continuous Current 5
Input Power Waveform DC
NBE SB5 System Diagram.jpg

SB5 Smart Booster

The SB5 combines a booster with a command station.


For more details see the page regarding the Power Cab.

SB stands for Smart Booster and is specifically targeted to Power Cab users. The SB5 booster is an upgrade path for the Power Cab system. Other NCE boosters such as the DB5, PB105, and the PB110 are not "smart" as they receive their commands from the command station, such as the CS02, or the SB5 smart booster.

NCE Smart Boosters are a complete standalone command station and booster in a single unit. The command station portion of the SB5 is nearly identical to the software as the Power Cab, in fact, the software revisions between them are the same.

The SB5 can supply up to 5A of current (with cooling).

Important: The SB5 becomes a booster only with systems other than the Power Cab. It behaves much like a PB5. If the system does not have a Power Cab, it's cheaper to purchase a booster only.


The Smart Booster allows up to 6 throttles to run trains, in exchange for giving up the programming track feature. The programming track feature continues to be handled by Power Cab and adding an NCE AutoSwitch. The programming track feature was not added to the Smart Booster is that would be duplicating an existing feature found in the Power Cab.

The SB5 is a replacement or a complete command station feature wise. For use with the Power Cab.

Using the SB5 allows the Power Cab to be truly walk around as the Power Can be unplugged while trains are running.

  • Six cabs, using addresses 2 – 7
  • Additionally, three Cab Bus accessories are supported
    • Addresses 8 – 10
  • Functions: 29
  • Address Ranges
    • Primary, 1 – 127
    • Extended, 1 – 9999
    • Acessory: 1 – 2044
    • Signal: 1 – 2044
  • Recalls: 6
  • A USB interface is optional
  • Works with auto reversers and circuit breakers.

Consists Supported

Main article: MU Consisting
  • Advanced Consists: 16 (addresses 112-127)
  • Old Style consists: 36 (six per cab)


The Power Cab and SB5 share the same microcontroller and code base. To add features such as additional cab addresses, simultaneous trains, etc., it was necessary to free up internal memory. This requirement was accomplished by deletion of the Program Track software.

The program track software and circuitry was omitted from the Smart Booster, rather than duplicate an existing Power Cab feature.

Accessory Addresses

Available accessory addresses are 1-2044

Power Supply

A selectable 12/13.6 volt 5 Amp power supply is included with the SB5.

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5240027 FAQs

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