Digitrax: DB210 Opto (DB210-Opto)

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Digitrax: DB210 Opto (DB210-Opto)

Summary: The DB210 Opto booster is nearly identical to it's very close sibling the DB210, however because it's Opto Isolated, this is used for layouts using common rail wiring. See the DB210 product for details.

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Digitrax DB210-Opto.webp
General information
Manufacturer Digitrax

MSRP 179.99 USD183.23 EUR <br />160.32 GBP <br />272.02 AUD <br />242.82 CAD <br />
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Part Number
Common Name DB210 Opto
Product information
Product URL External Product Link
Product Manual URL External Product Link
Year Released 2017

Max Current 8
Auto Reverse Yes
Optoisolated Yes
Throttle Network LocoNet
Input Power
Input Volt


The DB210 Opto is nearly identical and uses the same manual as it near twin, the DB210. However, this unit was designed for us in converting DC layouts that use common rail wiring. Note: New layouts should not use common rail wiring.

See the DB210 product article for more details bout this product.

For more capacity, also consider the [[DB220|DB220/DB

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