DSS1 LocoShuttle

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The DSS1 LocoShuttle is a LocoNet device which can automate train movements.

It is manufactured by Sig-naTrak in the United Kingdom.

DSS1 LocoShuttle


The LocoShuttle is a LocoNet device which behaves as a programmable throttle. Using occupancy detection it can automate train movements.

Simple programming can be done using a throttle. Complex programming requires a computer running the Locoanalyse software. The device can store unto 4 sequences with 16 steps per sequence.


The DSS1 provides two simple sequences

  1. End to End: Two detectors allow the train to run between points. A programmable delay is available.
  2. Station Stop: The train will stop at a point, such as a station on a loop of track. It can be set up to stop every time, or after a set number of loops have been completed.

Advanced Operations

The LocoShuttle can also control switches along the route, and wait for events to occur using turnout motors or switches. Several can be used together to create an interlocking system.


The device is ready to use with four preprogrammed sequences. Additional programming is possible, suing a throttle for simple sequences or a computer for more complex sequences.

The device also allows for adjustment of locomotive speed and features acceleration and deceleration routines for smooth realistic operation.

User Interface

  1. Two buttons to control operation sequence and select the locomotive
  2. Speed control buttons
  3. Four digit interface displays Sequence number, state and speed.

More Information

The product manual is available for download. See the DSS1 website. Manufacturer Website.

Sig-naTrak makes a number of DCC accessories and controllers.