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Summary: The Default Address is the address specified in the NMRA DCC Standards for multifunction decoders.

Multifunction Decoder


If a multifunction decoder is reset, all Configuration Variables will be restored to their factory default configuration, including the primary and extended address. The NMRA DCC Standard specifies a retail multifunction decoder use a primary address of 3.[1]

Some decoders have multiple reset procedures, to allow a portion of the decoder's CVs to be restored to their default values.

Default Address

After a decoder reset, the primary address is set to its default value. Contrary to popular belief, any valid address can be the default address.

The Default Primary Address of 3 applies to multifunction decoders sold at retail only. [1]

Setting the Address

To set the address a Program Track is required. See the article on Addressing for more details regarding setting Primary / Extended Addresses.

ESU multifunction decoders can have their defaults defined by the user[2], including the address. This is possible when using their LokProgrammer software.


NMRA Standard S-9.2.2

  1. 1.0 1.1 S-9.2.2: The default value for this Configuration Variable is 3, if the decoder is not installed in a locomotive or other unit when shipped from the manufacturer.
  2. It is also permissible for the installer, dealer or locomotive manufacturer to set the default address.